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Unable to change the login on Cisco Jabber


Hello everyone,


We just installed the Cisco Jabber in a PC, this PC is logged on the XXXXXX user.

I reseted the jabber, cleared caches, reinstalled with UPN_DISCOVERY_ENABLE = FALSE, CLEAR = 1. But I still can't login with another user istead XXXXXX, I trying type YYYYYY but It asks to reset jabber automatically, so when I do that, I still am looking XXXXXX on the login field, unable to login with another user.


Do you have some solution?



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Adam Pawlowski
When it is open, press Control Shift D. If UPN is disabled, it will show up in the top section that UPN is disabled, otherwise it is not.

The parameter is "UPN_DISCOVERY_ENABLED" so if you're missing that D then that would do it.

Old eagle eyes over here, spotting the real problems.

Hello Adam,

I have the same issue, my parameter is ENABLED.

Is There a way to change it or disable to be able to use any user after reseted??

Thanks in advance

If the parameter is enabled (so talking about "UPN_DISCOVERY_ENABLED=TRUE", which it is by default), then you won't be able to change the user.
If you want that, re-install Jabber with the parameter set to FALSE and also with parameter CLEAR=1
E.g. via Windows-CMD: msiexec.exe /i ciscojabbersetup.msi UPN_DISCOVERY_ENABLED=false CLEAR=1

It might be possible to add it to the bootstrap file, I don't know if it reflects this parameter or not.

Otherwise the process @b.winter has provided can adjust this. The user might not be able to run this command themselves if there are restrictions on the ability to install software on the workstation - didn't test. The Jabber deployment guide also outlines how to use software like Orca to modify the installer, so that it is installed with that parameter set from the get-go. Once you edit the software the installer will no longer have a valid digital signature. You can have it re-signed or try and ignore the smartscreen warnings that come from it.

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