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Jabber for Windows call Pop Up


I have installed Jabber for windows 9.2.1 in deskphone mode. Whenever I lift the handset or answer a call the a screens pop up comes displaying call option. Pop up screenshot attached for reference. Is there option to disable this pop up?


Only if you disable deskphone control. It's a common feature request but has not been implemented at this point.

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Is there an ETA on the implementation of this feature?


Has anyone heard of an ETA on this issue. It is basically the biggest nuisance and really makes the end users in my orginazation very angry.

Voice users are so interesting. We're in a Jabber for Windows pilot right now, and all the users love that pop-up tool.

Mark Congiusta
Cisco Employee

We are targeting an update in the 9.6 release that will allow users to specify the conversation window behavior when in deskphone control mode (come to the front or not).This is currently scheduled for release in the November time frame.


Thanks for the Update Mark Cheers   

Phone-pop-up or phone and chat notifcation pop-up Mark?

We are on 9.7 or Jabber for Windows and I still don't see a way to control the pop-ups. When making a call, the pop-up usually  covers-up the very thing the user wants to talk about. This pop-up can also be sent behind by simply clicking on some other Window, but this requires a mouse click – and the user’s mouse-hand is already holding the phone!  

Incidentally, users also complain about the incoming call pop-up. This takes the Windows focus and is found to be annoying when a user is just trying to finish an action prior to answering a ringing phone. The pop-up can also be sent behind by simply clicking on some other Window to bring it to the front, but if a user is typing when the phone rings (and the dialog pops-up) then any characters he is typing are lost and he has to move his hands to the mouse to change Window focus. I have surveyed users and most would rather rely only on the ring to announce an incoming call and would turn off the pop-up if they could.

There does not appear to be any way to configure, suppress or modify these pop-ups - yet according to your message above, this was slated for release in 9.6 last year. Could you please provide an update?

(Other than this, Jabber for Windows is great!)



Tony Musorafite

In Jabber for Windows 10.5 you now have the ability to control the pop-up window WHEN YOU ARE IN DESKPHONE MODE and this works as expected....


However, you DO NOT have the ability to control this pop-up window (for incoming calls) when in SOFTPHONE MODE which is the problem for us. Since most of our users have someone to answer the phone on their behalf (ie: their assistants) but they still need to the ability to video conference and make outbound calls from their Jabber client, they just don't need the incoming call pop-up.... we haven't found a solution to this yet...


I'd hoped having the user set Jabber to Do not Disturb would eliminate the pop-up but it didn't not, just the audible tone. 


Good luck!






I also would like to know when this feature is available, I work in a Service Centre and the constant pop-ups means that the notes that i type aren't added. When going to VoiceMail the keystrokes are sent as tones down the line. 


We are running 10.6 with softphones.




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