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Jabber for Windows - Delaying Jabber startup till VPN connection successful

Is it possible to either delay the launching of Jabber on Windows 10 , either by making it dependent on another Service , or until the PC has successfully established a VPN connection?


Problem: When a user takes their corporate laptop home and starts it up the Jabber for Windows launches before the VPN client has connected to the corporate network and therefore the user is been asked to manually enter their credentials.

IF I can either delay Jabber for Windows from starting , or better yet make is dependent on the VPN connection this issue goes away.

I would prefer to have Jabber still automatically start when PC starts if possible.

Jabber Version :Version Build 303980  



Nithin Eluvathingal
VIP Mentor

I think the best way would be remove the application from windows startup and open the jabber application manually.

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Couple of months back i had to a similar task for one of my customer where i had to open and close the Jabber based on the windows lock and unlock events. i succeeded by running a batch file using windows task manager. to answer your query, I believe you may not be having an expressway set up and you are using VPN for jabber registration.  Depending on your vpn client, you may be able to invoke a script to launch the Jabber.  Found following article related to mapping a drive post vpn connection for Cisco anyconnect client. 

I hope you may be able to use the concept to achieve your requirement. Please not that i haven't tested it from my end, so please check and let us know how it goes. 



Roger Kallberg
VIP Mentor

If your VPN client writes to the event logs at connection you could create a scheduled task in Windows that triggers on that and starts Jabber.

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Working with my desktop and security folks to see if we can trigger Jabber launch on a VPN connect message. Was hoping for a simpler solution but appears we will need a deep dive if we want to automate - Thank you everyone 

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