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Jabber in local newtork questions

Mohammed Al-odhari

Dear all,
I need help to use Jabber in the smart phones inside the local network in which
the smart phone can reach the cucm directly via wifi in the Local network.
So no Expressway nor any connect is needed i think, as i want to use the jabber to place only audio calls (internal/external) as a replacement to Wireless ip phone.

1- can this be done via Jabber or there is another solution/application to be used??
2- For audio call only via Jabber i need only CUCM, Presence server, LDAP & Unity server, is all are mandatory? do i miss otherthings??
3- Currently am having CUCM & Unity servers Ver 8.5 with DLU license, can i upgrade them to 9.1 and do licesnse transfer or upgrade and buy Jabber license, or other please advice??????
Thanks all,

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Jaime Valencia
Hall of Fame Cisco Employee Hall of Fame Cisco Employee
Hall of Fame Cisco Employee

Yes, you need to use Jabber

If you want phone only mode, you only need CUCM and if you don't have LDAP, you can use UDS.

Your version is already out of support, CUCM 9.1 is EOS/EOL and is going out of support this year.


Reach out to your SE or the partner that you work with, to plan for the upgrade and see what options you have based on your support contracts and upgrade options.



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Dennis Mink

yes your phone can registerdas either a csf, bot or tct device (windows, android, iOS respectively.  on cucm. no need for a VCSe if you dont want MRA once outside wifi range

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