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Jabber in phone-only mode connectivity issue via MRA

Emmanuel Akum

I'm getting a 502 response code when trying to connect with Jabber via MRA and can't figure out why this is happening.


From Jabber Logs

I'm get  a 502 response code when [csf.httpclient] [csf::http::performRequest] - *-----* HTTP response code 502 connect code


From Expressway E logs

traffic_server[2044]: Event="Sending HTTP error response" Status="502" Reason="connect failed" Dst-ip="x.x.x.x" Dst-port="57395" UTCTime="2022-07-07 22:51:52,999"


Jabber is deployed in phone-only mode. There is no IMP Server.

Expressway is deployed in a cluster

There are no issues when connecting internally/ directly to the CUCM 

Expressway C Nodes are in the same subnet as the CUCM Nodes. There is no firewall between them.

There are no issues connecting 88XX phones via MRA


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Adam Pawlowski
VIP Advisor VIP Advisor
VIP Advisor

I've only ever seen this error code in the past when a UCM subscriber is not reachable from the Expressway C, when it was offline or a needed service was not running. I don't believe the 8800 series phones use User Data Service (UDS) when connecting through the Expressway, perhaps that service is not running on a UCM? I am just speculating, but, the solution isn't really aware when a service is shut off, node is down, etc and assumes you have everything available for it to run.

User Data Service (UDS) is running on all the nodes in the CUCM cluster

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