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Jabber on CUCM 12.5

Kim Nielsen
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Level 1



I have a new installation with cucm 12.5 and IM&P. 


I have made an UC service for the Jabber configuration, and added it on the Service Profile, that I have given my test user. 

I have given the UC service for both common and Desktop in the service profile.


Jabber is connecting fine to the CUCM server, and I call etc etc. 


But if I'm looking at the "Cisco Jabber Diagnostics", then under UCM Configuration I can see that the Jabber configuration file is not being downloaded. 

The Error is:

Failed to download TFTP config. No TFTP server address available in server queue.


I can also see that the settings I make on the Jabber UC service is not taking effect. 


Any Idear on why this is happening? 


Is there any way to see if the Jabber is requesting the right .xml file?


I should mention that I don't have the SRV records in place, and have configured the service domain etc in the install string when I did the install of jabber. 

The version of jabber is: 12.6.2



Kim Nielsen

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Jaime Valencia
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Generate a PRT and review the logs.



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When looking at the PRT, then I'm finding this:


 - *-----* HTTP response code 404 for request #13 to https://svsls2053v199.regsj.intern:6972/jabber-config.xml

Downloading of TFTP File failed for server svsls2053v199.regsj.intern.........
Failed to download TFTP config. No TFTP server address available in server queue.


When you are settting up an new UC service for a Jabber configuration, how is that generating an .xml file?

Do you know what the nameformat of the generated .xml file would be? 


For me it looks like that the Jabber clients looks after an jabber-config.xml like in the "old days". 

I would imagine that if I manually uploaded an jabber-config.xml it would work. But I would like to use the new way.  


Do you know how does Jabber know that It has to use a new way of getting it's jabber-config.xml file? 

I have made an Jabber UC service called PHC-Defaults. 


Br Kim

The file itself is generated by what you configure via the GUI, as you can see, the name remains the same, I have not configured more profiles to see how they would change in the PRT when it comes to the naming of them.


If you copy that URL into a browser, does it work?

Does the machine has DNS resolution for that hostname?



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Hi Jaime, 


thanks for taking your time with this. :)


So the UC Service should generate an jabber-config.xml file?  But what would happen, if you try and generate multiple UC services for jabber configs? I have made 8 different UC service profiles for Jabber.

Do you know if this would be an problem?


I'm gettíng an Error 404 when I try to access the link in an browser. 



But DNS etc works, because I can access the Cnf.xml file just fine.



Br Kim


When looking at the on-premis deployment of Jabber documents, then I can see this part:


Cisco Jabber can retrieve configuration settings from the following sources:

  • Service Profiles—You can configure some client settings in UC service profiles on Cisco Unified Communications Manager release 9 and later. When users launch the client, it discovers the Cisco Unified Communications Manager home cluster using a DNS SRV record and automatically retrieves the configuration from the UC service profile.

    Applies to on-premises deployments only.

Perhaps the error that I have with Jabber 12.7 not being able to find the jabber-config.xml from the UC service, could be because that I don't have the DNS SRV record up and running. 


I'll make an jabber-config.xml and uploadet it to the CUCM tftp share, and hope that this doesn't break anything in CUCM 12.5 and lets me use the correct approache to Jabber configs, when I get the customer to create the DNS SRV record. 


And if it does, then I'll just have to use the Cisco support field for haveing multiple jabber-configs for different users. 



In release 12.5, you have an option to configure the jabber config file as a UC service. Do you mind trying below;
Could you please create one UC service - Jabber Client Configuration and add this into your service profile.
Delete the unified communication folder from the local machine (APPDATA) and re-launch the jabber.


HI Kim,

Failed to download TFTP config. No TFTP server address available in server queue.


I have this issue too- did you resolve?

I cannot use DNS so am stuck with manual config. I have configured parameters under UC profile and installed Jabber using a bootstrap file but the UC profile is ignored when Jabber logs in.


Jabber 12.7.5

CUCM 12.5