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Jabber popup - Invite more attendees


Hope someone can help, we are having a really odd popup in Cisco jabber, continuously throughout the day. It does not matter if they are on a call or not, it just pops up for no reason at all. We have removed Jabber and re-installed and it continues to happen. Not sure if anyone has seen this before, but it is pretty annoying.


Jabber version is 14.1

Windows 11 Pro.


Screenshot is attached.

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Adam Pawlowski

I actually ran into this a few months ago. A colleague was taking advantage of it to pester me, as it will send invitations to nothing to people.


The best I could figure is that this was an interaction with a calendar invitation or meeting that was setting off some mapi/webex component. Colleague also on Windows 11 pro.


Best guess is what ever meeting/series that was expired and it hasn't happened since.

fei he

Hi @gavinr98

One of our client is facing exactly the same issue. The pop up is random regardless of whether we are on a call, in chat or have cisco Jabber Minimized. Below example of the dialog box.

We have seen this issue across multiple version of Cisco Jabber and only seems to occur on machines with windows 11 OS.

What is resolution you have for this one?

I ended up turning off the calendar integration in Jabber. As soon as I did this, the popup went away. 


Hello I had the same problem and this issue started from Windows 11. In Windows 10 never had this issue. Can you have a look?

Based on the feedback bellow:

I ended up turning off the calendar integration in Jabber. As soon as I did this, the popup went away. 

I have now disabled them and I will monitor if the problem happen again. I let you informed about result.



Seriously Cisco? Several Months later and this is still not fixed? Because in the latest Jabber for Windows the Problem still exists. We need a solution for this. It is really annoying and stops our Windows 11 Migration

At least you'd be able to try TAC with that , now that Windows 11 is officially supported .

It is something with Outlook calendar entries, at least in my area, where that seems to be coming up. The colleague who was inviting me to blank meetings stopped doing that after we moved them to 14.1 , so I'd assumed it was fixed.

Never did figure out which calendar entry attribute was causing that to happen unfortunately.

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