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Multipoint video conference jabber

Giovanni Sciotti


is there a way to perform multipoint video conferences with cisco unified communication manager, cisco unified presence and jabber without an MCU?

With is the better way? With unified callmanager 9.0 will be possible?

Thank you.


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VIP Alumni
VIP Alumni

You need some kind of mcu

Either PVDM 3 but you will only get voice activated switching and  no content. Keep in mind while this works the BU doesnt officially endorse the PVDM3 with Jabber

Hw mcu will give you all the layouts and content sharing

Either way not built into ccm



Another option is if you have a MeetingPlace system you can set that up to support multipoint audio and video calls.

The reason I didn’t bring it up is the experience isn’t great, MP is first of all a legacy product.

If you are referring EMS/SMS deployment then it can get confusing between CCM based Jabber video and WebEx web cam video and it isn’t recommended to mix both in the same conference. So you end up with one or the other. In addition it too is only voice activated.

HMS well that’s a dead product since it is based on CUVC

The other problem is MP 8.5 in it’s self is a legacy product. So you now move to CWMS which also has the same issue and will only support tie in between H264 and Webcam video in with One touch 2.0 much further down the road

Hence trying to stick with other options for MCU



Oh I agree.  That is why I said if they had MP.  I have found it works well in many situations where there is two way video call and the participants want to conference someone else in but not start a conference call in WebEx. 

I didn’t know it was the “MP man” ☺ When you posted on the public side it shows as Guest since it doesn’t require you to login like the private side.




Yes I did not realize I was not signed in.  Was earlier.  I now will always check first  .

Sorry to see the old MP product being moved out.  Don't see CWMS fill it shoes for a while especially since now we have the multi-node redundant architecture.  Oh well.

Take care and have a good weekend.


Yep for sure there are holes and has to be carefully positioned. I am hoping it will catch up in the next 12 months.



In regards to your response, few questions:

(1) Will the CWMS allow ad-hoc, multipoint video conferencing on desktop video phones as well as Cisco-Jabber? Or, does it require you to setup a web conference and have users join?

(2) The CWMS Data Sheet states the following:

"High-quality video with 360p screen resolution; full-screen video; up to seven simultaneous webcam video feeds and voice-activated switching"

Does this mean CWMS supports both options - continuous presence AND voice-activitated switching? Or, does this mean up to 7 users with video in a conference?

(3) Can the CWMS be configured to the Call Manager as a conference resource, the same way CUVC or MeetingPlace HMS/EMS can?

1) CWMS doesn’t support Jabber today it will be shortly. CWMS only supports web cam video not Jabber video. That integration will happen only with One touch slated for later next yr

2) CWMS supports web cam video much like WebEx. You get CP video and switches based on active speaker

3) No it isn’t configured that way, you create a SIP trunk to the server.



Adding to the comments on this thread (Thanks Srini and others!)...

  • CWMS is meant to be an online meetings product first and foremost - not a 'software MCU' for ad-hoc video conferencing
  • It supports today HQ  (360p) Webcam video with a roadmap to introduce HD (720p) video in our next major release
  • In a follow-up to that next major release we aim to have the Audio + Video + Desktop sharing aspects of the product interoperate with Telepresence Endpoints - in a manner akin to our next generation WebEx One-Touch Solution for SaaS WebEx (with some optimizations for on-premises deployments). However given that the SaaS solution is being designed as we speak and because we want to give it soem time to 'bake' in the cloud - the earliest this could be available is early CY 2014.
  • The same release will also break down barriers between Video-enabled Cisco IP Phones and CWMS Video as well in a manner akin to video interop with Telepresence endpoints. Needless to say, the glue that makes this all possible is a 'real' MCU that is responsible for transcoding, transrating and other capabilities that are essential to 'bridge' audio + video + desktop sharing between disparate endpoints and CWMS
  • Switching gears a bit and focusing on Cisco Jabber - the upcoming CWMS 1.1 Release (January 2013) adds support for escalating Jabber for Windows IM Sessions to CWMS meetings - where you can run your standard HQ WebEx video in. There is no current 'interop' between the native Jabber standards-based video and WebEx HQ Video for pretty much the same reason as in the Telepresence / Cisco IP Phone Case - Jabber Video is just like those endpoints and therefore we need to first break down the wall - if you will
  • Needless to say Jabber for Windows support is just a start - we aim to support Jabber for Mac, Jabber for Mobile in our next major CWMS release as well (Again this is not yet committed in the BU as we speak)

Michael Murphy

Cisco Business Solutions

Hi Michael,

Are there any updates you could share with the community?

Version 2.0 is on the beta run, and perhaps there's something known about enhancements to 2.1?

Kind regards,


Hi Leo,

We are actively working towards additional interoperability, with Jabber as well as with Telepresence.

Cisco WebEx Meetings Server v1.1 was released in early February 2013 and brought with it the integration to Jabber for Windows, as described above. 

As plan stands today, additional Jabber interoperability is slated for delivery first, followed by TelePresence interoperability.

Telepresence interoperability has just been announced for the SaaS version of WebEx, and, as described above, this is the first step towards integration to Cisco WebEx Meetings Server.  But this will take time as we want to learn from that experience and fine tune the integration prior to release. It is not part of any beta program we are currently running (too early).

Please be aware that the roadmap and priorities are a living and evolving set of objectives - they are subject to change.

Michael Murphy

Cisco Telepresence Business Solutions


I want to configure adhoc conference for Jabber clients like (Iphone, Ipad, and Android phone).

Means from the jabber client i want to make video conference call.

How can i do it....?

what configuration do i have to do on MCU and CUCM...?

i am using CUCM10

Hi Azeem,

Basically, what you need to do is to configure the MCU as media resource attached to CUCM and then make it available to those authorized endpoints through either the device pool or the media resource group list association on the phone configuration page. This applies not only to jabber ,but also to any other video capable endpoints registered on CUCM.

For detailed configuration, you can refer to the Conference Bridge Setup chapter of the CUCM administration guide. I added the link below:

Cisco Unified Communications Manager Administration Guide, Release 10.0(1) - Conference Bridge Setup [Cisco Unified Co…

Hope the above helps.


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