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OBTP join of MS Teams hitting Audio and Video Options prompt

Bob Fitzgerald
Level 4
Level 4

Hello all!

I was wondering if anyone else has encountered this and if they had a way around it.  Our customer has deployed OBTP so that they can join a MS Teams meeting using their Board Pro.  The Board Pro is "cloud-aware" and has a hybrid calendar assigned.  It is also running  When they push the green button to join the MS Teams meeting, they are presented with the Audio and Video Options prompt just like they would be if they were joining from their computer.  Unfortunately, the Board Pro is unable to interact with this prompt.

I have been unable to find anything in any configuration doc that would address this situation.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Jonathan Schulenberg
Hall of Fame
Hall of Fame

I see this on my Desk Pro occasionally but it disappears after a few seconds when RoomOS somehow auto-completes the pre-join steps. Does counting to 10 work?

Hi Jonathan,

I wish it did, that seems to help with all kinds of frustrations.    Unfortunately it stays there indefinitely.

I sense a TAC case in your immediate future. There is xConfiguration WebRTC Provider MicrosoftTeams CompatibilityMode but the documentation doesn't explain when/why you should use; only that TAC may use it temporarily during troubleshooting.