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Remove WebEx from all Jabber clients

Good Day All,

We currently run a CUCM 12.5 (Its been a crazy year - I promise to upgrade soon) 

My question is: ... Do I have the ability to create an XML file that I can upload to the CUCM that will remove WebEx "Tab" from all the jabber clients that connect to the CUCM remotely as well as on prem. We use the Phone, Voicemail, and Messaging portions of Jabber but don't use WebEx and would like to remove it all together from the GUI that the endusers see, both PC and Mobile devices. (Don't tell Cisco!)

This morning I logged into the CUCM and looked for an XML default file for jabber and we don't have any. Which I must say I found odd... But never really had a need to go looking for one before now so that might be perfectly legit? 

I guess also my second question is if I upload an XML file to the TFTP server on the CUCM does it have to be a complete file with all commands answered or can I just upload one that resolves my issue? (I would prefer to not screw this one up)

Thanks ALL!

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On your second part of your question, you don’t need to define all settings in the XML file or in the menu configuration option that is available in your version of CM and that is the preferred/recommended option to use. To know what options there is for this I recommend you to search for the Jabber parameter reference guide, it contains all the available options there is with an explanation on what each setting does.

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Thanks so much for the information. Its very helpful. Have a great day!


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