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unable to add the directory group in Jabber

Rajkumar Yadav


I'm trying to add the distribution group in Cisco Jabber 11.6.2 and CUCM & IMP 11.5

Getting error as " the directory group does not exist", Although it is available and can be searched in Jabber itself.

Attached is the snapshot error.



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Is Jabber using UDS or EDI? It's possible that the group shows up in search results if using EDI as the ADSI API on Windows doesn't have the same restrictions as Jabber/IM&P itself.

One other basic thing to check: the LDAP Sync agreement is set to include groups and that group is within the Search Base, correct?

Also, there are mentions of special character restrictions. Are you able to add a group that doesn't include the underscore characters shown in your screenshots?

Hi Jonathan,

We are using the EDI method and this laptop is part of domain.

LDAP sync is set to users and group with search base as root OU of the AD

we have filter applied  as (&(objectclass=user)(!(objectclass=Computer))(ipPhone=*))

Still we are not able to add the distribution group.

I'm checking the option of adding a group without _character and this need to be created in AD as client have syntax to add it.



Jaime Valencia
Hall of Fame Cisco Employee Hall of Fame Cisco Employee
Hall of Fame Cisco Employee

Do you see them under user groups in CUCM and do they show up properly populated?



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Hi Jaime,

I don't see the exact group, it shows the username followed by OU details.

I can share the snapshot tomorrow.




I was able to resolve this, however it won't be scalable solution.

I was having only one sync agreement with user and group, where the search base was directly pointing to  rout OU.

Now my all distribution group were under the OU=Group and this group OU was under Root OU

So the User group in CUCM was coming as "_BPM,OU=Group" and actually the group name in AD was just _BPM, so there was mismatch.

To avoid this mismatch i modified the first sync agreement to sync only user and added another sync agreement for group with search base  OU=Groups,DC=Root,DC=Global

Once I added this and synced then group name in CUCM came as _BPM and i was able to add it to jabber.

Now if in case there multiple OU under Root OU were distribution group are created then it requires separate sync agreement for each Group OU which is weird.

If anyone has better option, do please let me know.



What you are hitting is new Defect on CUCM 11.5 I guess. CUCM 11.0 works fine.

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