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webexadmin login and password is not working "Incorrect email address or password"

Hello, I am on Webex 2.7 MR2 patch 4.

My admin accounts name is webexadmin, it is a local user on my UCM.

LDAP Sync is setup, this system was working.

Whenever I wanted to login to, I had to login the user page first, then click the Administration link to access the admin portal, that worked for me for a while.

What happens to me now, is that I went in maintenance, rebooted or restarted, then, did not pay attention, closed the browser, a day later, when I want to login to it again, I cannot because the user page, tells me I am in maintenance mode.

My webexadmin user, cannot log into directly the admistration site. I get a "Incorrect email address or password" all the time (same password used when I was login in the user page)

Does this behavior happen to anybody else ?

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When you have an admin account that you also sync with CUCM/LDAP, this account needs to have TWO passwords.

1. LDAP password. Since your system is using Directory Integration to authenticate end users, when you go to WebEx Site URL and enter your LDAP credentials, the system will check against CUCM/LDAP and grant you access.

LDAP credentials CANNOT be used to log in to Administration page directly, but only to WebEx Site URL, where you can use Administration Site link to be redirected to Admin page (if the account is the admin account on the system).

2. Local password. When a user is promoted to Administrator role, it will receive an email asking the user to set LOCAL password for this account. This password is used for accessing Admin Site URL directly.

If you can't remember that password, just go to Admin Site URL, and select Forgot your password option and send an email to your admin account with Reset Password link. Use the link to reset the password (this is just the local password, not your LDAP password), and you will be able to log in to Admin Site URL with your email and this LOCAL password.

If for whatever reason, the email address used for this account doesn't have a mailbox and you can't receive an e-mail, they you will need to reach out to TAC to access the system via Single User Mode and make changes in the DB to workaround this issue.

I hope this helps.


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