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When will Jabber for iPad support iOS6?

Hi Folks

As it stands Jabber for iPad is not supported on iOS6.  I really need to determine when this will be supported.

-  IM & P is OK

-  IPT/Video gives an error messgage...........

"CISCO JABBER You cannot strt the call because the contact is not using a compatible application or device to join the call"

I knew there was an issue with Jabber for iPad and iOS 6 when we tested iOS6 Beta last month.  Hoping the answer is ".....supported later this week"   ;-)

Informing IT Execs not to push to iOS 6 shows Jabber in a bad light.

Thanks for any advice clues on iOS6 Support.

John Mc

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Douglas Crane

My Jabber works on iPad 3 iOS 6.

All features work.. Calls, Presence..

Just wont hang up.. >.<


Same Issue here. Can initiate the the call but no sound or video gets through on IOS6. Voice and video works but not full duplex. Can NOT hang up the call at all, requires that you shut down the entire app to hang up. Please fix ASAP as their are no downgrades to IOS 5.1 and new devices will start to ship with IOS6 before we know it. While your at CISCO, add bluetooth support would you? Thanks....

Cisco Employee


We are targeting to support iOS 6 with the next maintenance release (barring any unforeseen issues).  It is currently due some time early October.  Thank you for your patience and contiuous support for Cisco Jabber for iPad.

Hi, but we are now using this tecnology and we cannot because, customers are upgrade to IOS 6. Please We have a problem with this. The product is quite New & we cannot admit that it is not working in a Apple IOS Upgrade....There are a lot of app that still work, but not Cisco Jabber for Ipad..

Please FIX IT UP As Soon As Posible. This Afternoon better than next Week.


The new jabber for iPad is out today. Finally IOS6 and Bluetooth support. Check the app store to update..... Cheers

-Oren Bustan

Sent from my IPhone4

Thanks for heads up Oren.

Testing now..... finger crossed

John Mc

nice it is working!!

Tomás Civera

Director Comercial


El 25/09/2012, a las 10:42, "John.McDermott2010" <> escribió:

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Re: When will Jabber for iPad support iOS6?

created by John.McDermott2010 in Unified Communications - View the full discussion

Thanks for heads up Oren.

Testing now..... finger crossed

John Mc

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Yes it works great.. However it still does not auto launch the AnyConnect Client.. ..

The update claims it has beter integration with the AnyConnect Client.. Lies I tell you Lies!!

It isn’t out of the box integration but rather now Jabber for IPAD can be made to launch any connect but it requires work to set it up, certificates, SCEP etc. Previously it wouldn’t even launch on the fly now it does that’s all the release notes show as an update. the work to get it to launch is still there…



Hi Douglas,

As Srini pointed out below, it requires some settings in the backend if not already done.  We do support the auto-launch of AnyConnect.  I use it everyday.  From the end user side, you need the certificate on your iPhone (for On-demand VPN via AnyConnect requires the certiticate-based authentication AND Domain List configuration inside AnyConnect).  I suggest to refer to the system admin guide from  Please note that the 9.1 version of the admin guide has not been postedt yet.  But it will be available very soon.

Yes, it's important to keep some perspective here...

This tech/functionality is still in it's infancy, and as such, we should work with the support teams to make the solutions better, not crying foul when we cannot necessarily make our setups (comprised of a myriad of variables) work perfectly right away.

Agreed. What a technology! Jabber for everyone. Stay positive and open a tac case. Everything works well it just needs to be configured correctly. Also, it may take several tac requests to get the job done as they are different variables to setup, ranging from bandwidth configs in call manager to VPN / licensing connections on your ASA.

note: Verizon LTE iPad is the network to be on if you want to see some kind of consistency with video calls in Jabber for iPad. AT&T is limited on LTE but there 4G network works ok when you have a good connection.

Sent from my iPad

Have you heard of issues with the Connect function when using the latest Jabber on an iPad with iOS6?  My status seems to keep changing automatically, 1st it thinks I'm "In a meeting" and then "Available".  This toggles back an forth randomly.  The settings are set to look at my calender, but there is nothing scheduled.  I may be "Available" when the screen blacks out or locks, but then the status iindicates "In a meeting" when the screen is restored.  If I check the status options, "Available" is checked.  Manually changing status to something else and back, restores the desired setting.

Also, has anyone raised the issue of including an "Always on" option for Jabber Connect.  While I know we don't use it for phone options in my company, when the iPad sleeps or locks, the connection is lost.  Due to Corp network config settings, the "Never" option in Autolock is not available.  "Always on" would be a nice feature, especially when plugged in at my desk.

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