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Will Jabber build upon itself in Windows Continuum?

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Level 1

I am looking into expanding mobile devices for productivity, we would like to use Jabber, and Webex as we do now. Will Jabber developers be building on the  Jabber application to be added to the Windows Universal Apps, so that we have a seamless experience regardless of device being used? !

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Level 5

Hi Michael,

For now we are monitoring Windows Continiuum to see how it progresses in the market place and to see if it pushes the needle in a different direction. Until we see it making a significant dent in the enterprise space it will continue to be a wait and see policy

hope this helps


Thank you Tom for your reply.

I am very Excited to see what continuum will have to offer as far as universal apps go and also what added bonuses enterprise environments like the one i work in can benefit from. I am excited to see some mention related to continuum and How Microsoft and Cisco are working together to leverage "end to end" integration in one of the Microsoft Ignite sessions coming this September, I will be attending in hopes of finding out more on this collaboration and what it means for future app development.

Thank you