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Your Office configuration is corrupt. Reinstall Cisco Jabber to restore Office Integration - Error code: CJ:1000:101

Hi all

I've just installed the offically release of J4W 9.2 build 496 on a few clients. When the Jabber clients starts, we are seeing a error message in the yellow triangle.

"Your Office configuration is corrupt. Reinstall Cisco Jabber to restore Office Integration" Error code: CJ:1000:101

However, the integration is still working, but its annoying for the users. Its seem only affects users without admin privileges.

Any fix for this? Reinstall of Jabber or a restart of the computer dosen't fix it.

Windows 7 Enterprise 32 bit.

Office 2010 32 bit.

PRT file is attached.

Best regards



I'm part of the early adopters/best testers and I can confirm that 9.2.2 has resolved this issue for me (a non admin user of the PC).

I'm on EAP too, but I can't see 9.2.2. Is it listed as 9.2.1 MR1?

davethehedgehog you can get it from that link as long as you are in the EAP program. I have also installed the new 9.2.2 and do not get the office integration error. Seems to be working!

ha, I just came back to ninja edit that.

Thing is with the actual release on the 13th I think I might just wait so that I don't have to have that silly "tread carefully" stamp making my users know they're using beta!

It's June 13th and no Jabber 9.2.2? Or I am not able to see it with my CCO account? Nebojsa, can you point me to right direction?

Nope, I can't see it either. Got my golden image tee-d up and ready to go!

When will 9.2.2 be released?                  


From talking to the team it will be released early this week.


Any idea when early this week Brian? I had our Citrix bods all keyed up, our Lync advocates are laughing their heads off sat opposite me as we speak!

Understand that things may slip, but it's not great! What's the hold up?

I'm also curious when we can expect this to hit CCO, I've got a fairly large deployment held up because of this bug.

And my Lync counterparts are also laughing at me/gaining sway with their product.

-Brett Lykins

It's on CCO now! Must have just been posted in the last hour or so.

I can confirm that 9.2.2 fixed this error on my non-domain machine that was having the issue.

subash cobi

Was this issue fixed in 9.2.6 or 9.6..


This issue was resolved in the 9.2.x stream. It is resolved in both 9.2.6 and 9.6.




issue persist in jabber version 9.7.0.

What is the Cisco Bug ID?

Regards Michael

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