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Send Voice Mail from java

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Created by: chaitanya ambadipudi on 21-10-2013 10:45:19 AM
In order to post a message to users voice mail do I have to call the following method:
<method name="POST" id="sendMessage">
                    <param xmlns:xs="" type="xs:string" style="query" name="userobjectid"/>
                   <param xmlns:xs="" type="xs:string" style="query" name="messageid"/>
                    <representation mediaType="multipart/form-data"/>
                    <representation mediaType="multipart/mixed"/>
                    <representation mediaType="application/xml"/>
                    <representation mediaType="application/json"/>
Is this the correct method for sending a wav file as voice message. If so what is the user id attribute and message id that need to be passed to this method?
Can you let me know little description about how this method post the voicemail to the specified user?

Subject: RE: Send Voice Mail from java
Replied by: Jeff Lindborg on 04-12-2013 11:56:11 AM

the CUMI API site has an example of how to send a message (with multiple attachments) - the first send message section details all the items that can be included - the second has a full example of the HTTP to send a message
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