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1. Sequenced Routing Update Protocol (SRTP)

2. Secure Real-time Transport Protocol (SRTP)

Complete Definition:

1. Sequenced Routing Update Protocol. Protocol that assists VINES servers in finding neighboring clients, servers, and routers. See also RTP (Routing Table Protocol).

2. The Secure Real-time Transport Protocol (or SRTP) defines a profile of RTP (Real-time Transport Protocol), intended to provide encryption, message authentication and integrity, and replay protection to the RTP data in both unicast and multicast applications. It was developed by a small team of IP protocol and cryptographic experts from Cisco and Ericsson including David Oran, David McGrew, Mark Baugher, Mats Naslund, Elisabetta Carrara, Karl Norman, and Rolf Blom. It was first published by IETF in March 2004 as RFC 3711 .

Since RTP is closely related to RTCP (RTP control protocol) which can be used to control the RTP session, SRTP also has a sister protocol, called Secure RTCP (or SRTCP); SRTCP provides the same security-related features to RTCP, as the ones provided by SRTP to RTP.

Utilization of SRTP or SRTCP is optional to utilization of RTP or RTCP; but even if SRTP/SRTCP are used, all provided features (such as encryption and authentication) are optional and can be separately enabled or disabled. The only exception is the message authentication feature which is indispensably required when using SRTCP.

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