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CUCM email notification when backup completes(DRS backup email notification when it fails)


These are the steps to configure the e-mail alert notifications from the RTMT

Step 1
Log in to the RTMT and select Alert Center

Step 2
Right click on the 'CiscoDRFFailure', and select "Set Alert/Properties..."

Step 3
Make sure that the alert is enable
Select the severity of the alert           !! Select the alert type carefully !!
Select the server that you want to make the report and click next

Step 4
Duration: Trigger alert immediately and click next

Step 5
Frequency: trigger alert on every poll
Schedule: Trigger alert when it occurs and click next

Step 6
Check the "Enable Email" box
Click on configuration >> add >> "enter name and description", under recipients, click on 'add' and 'insert' the mail to which you want to send the notification



Cisco DRF Master

  • The CiscoDRF Master Agent service supports the DRF Master Agent, which works with the Disaster Recovery System graphical user interface (GUI) or command line interface (CLI) to schedule backups, perform restorations, view dependencies, check status of jobs, and cancel jobs, if necessary.
  • The Cisco DRF Master Agent also provides the storage medium for the backup and restoration process.

Cisco DRF Local

  • The Cisco DRF Local service supports the Cisco DRF Local Agent, which acts as the workhorse for the DRF Master Agent.
  • Components register with the Cisco DRF Local Agent to use the disaster recovery framework.
  • The Cisco DRF Local Agent executes commands that it receives from the Cisco DRF Master Agent.
  • Cisco DRF Local Agent sends the status, logs, and command results to the Cisco DRF Master Agent.

FYI, alerts for CUCM

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Sorry, replying to an old post and this may be a feature request, but is it possible to get the backup history sent every time it runs?  Just thinking that if the backup fails to run, there won't be a failure alert.  I