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Jabber Config File Generator


Please find the attached HTML document, download and open it on your PC.  This provides an easy to use form where you simply answer a few questions and it will render the proper jabber-config.xml file for you to copy/paste.  There is built in logic to verify you are entering in the correct information for the deployment selected, as well as valid XML characters.


The XML file structure is rendered in JavaScript, so you'll still need to copy/paste the contents into a text file and upload the file to your CUCM server, but you can rest assured that the configuration is correct and valid by using this form.


Update 2015-07-09: Updated with 11.0 keys, testing new automated method to mine key values from public facing documentation, new UI. Feedback on the new UI is welcome

Update 2015-03-12: Update default selection for new keys.

Update 2015-02-18: Added more keys from 10.6.

Update 2015-01-28: Update for 10.6 keys.

Update 2014-12-17: Update value generation when using reserved characters (&/&) so that only substitution takes place once.

Update 2014-11-19: Reworked the Jabber-Plugin additions, relaxed hostname verification, more import enhancements, updated missing keys in 10.5, corrected default value selection.

Update 2014-10-22: Updated CSS, corrected a few default values to match updated documentation and user comments in this forum, enhanced import function, added optional Telemetry Suggestion from existing data.

Update 2014-10-09: Added text import of existing jabber-config.xml file to pre-populate the form (works in FireFox & Chrome, IE not tested).  Removed SHA Hash generation of TelemetryCustomerID field.

Update 2014-08-29: Added 10.5 J4W keys which should apply to the other 10.5 releases as well, with additional logic to aid with some of the more complex key configuration.

Update 2014-05-12: Modified UI slightly, also corrected problem with checkbox inputs

Update 2014-05-09: Updated logic to include PhoneMode keys for versions past 9.2; although not all clients support PhoneMode yet.

Update 2014-04-24: Corrected misspelled keys, and validation errors.

Update 2014-04-21: Added J4W 9.7 specific fields, as well as simplifying data entry for BDI fields.  If using BDI, simply make sure you've selected OSX, iOS, or Android, and the script will copy whatever fields you have entered for the EDI integration, and automatically create the BDI specific keys for you.

Update 2014-01-02: Added partial Mac 9.2 specific fields for BDI, Windows 9.6 specific fields.

Update 2013-07-25: Modified Search Base validation logic to include the default CN in addition to OU's

Update 2013-05-17: Added 9.2 specific fields.

Update 2012-12-29: Added 9.1 specific fields and implented version switching for it to work with both 9.0, 9.1, and any future version dependent fields

Update 2012-08-16: resolution to CSCua39052 in Jabber 9.0(4) resolved the Base Filter open/close bracket problem.  Updated validation tests to reflect this change.  As such, this script will only work for Jabber 9.0(4) and later when using a custom Base Filter; if using Jabber prior to 9.0(4), simply remove the last closing bracket in the Base Filter tag before uploading to TFTP.

Cisco Employee

my customer has a root search base of dc=corp2000,dc=org and the validation field says this is not valid, which it is very valid.

Cisco Employee

2 question regarding BDI Directory:

1) what is the Presence Server under BDI used for?  I cannot find this listed under BDI in the 10.6 deployment guide.

2) Why is directory credential username a required option when Use Jabber Credentials is set to True?  See p 168 of the 10.6 Deployment Guide. 



Hello All

I was using a custom configuration file and the Self Care Portal option disappeared. TAC gave me the following option which I have not found documented anywhere else:


I am not sure how this would be handled if ILS is enabled in a multi-cluster environment




Community Member


i noticed a little problem: 

The Policy: 'Enable Other Call Pickup'   gives this XML: <EnableOtherCallPickup>true</ EnableOtherCallPickup>


But the correct syntax is : <EnableOtherGroupPickup>true</EnableOtherGroupPickup>


Woaw, this is an awesome tool.
Thanks for making it.


This pop-up behavior for location was fixed with the 10.6.3 client.  We were having the same issue with it popping up even with the variables you mentioned set with 10.6.2.

Also it is mentioned in the release notes for 10.6.3 as a resolved caveat.

Your post was 3 months ago so you may have already discovered this fix, I just thought I would mention it.


Hi All,

This is a great page but I still need assistance. 

Would someone be able to suggest some config to exclude the home number from appearing in jabber search quieries? 

My current config file is: 


<config version="1.0">

If more info is required please let me know. Thank you in advance. 





Not sure if this will be of use to you, but we altered the config file to look at different AD values. When our AD accounts get created we use the "home" field as our Work number. So you could maybe change the Homephone config to look at a blank field e.g. IP phone or Pager (something that isn't used).




Hi Will,


Appreciate the feedback. Yes that is exactly what i ended up doing, unfortunately that is only successful with Mac Jabber, our Windows Jabber is on the same domain as the controller so its a bit more trickier to filter/havent worked it out yet.






Any news about jabber for WIN 11.0 config file




For me Jabber searches AD using first/last name.


How can I get it to also search the display name in AD for those people using a different name that recorded in the first/last name fields in AD


Thank you

Cisco Employee

When Cisco Jabber for Windows performs a predictive search, it issues a query using Ambiguous Name Resolution (ANR). This query disambiguates the search string and returns results that match the attributes that are set for ANR on your directory server.


You must configure your directory server to set attributes for ANR if you want the client to search for those attributes. By default, the following attributes are set for ANR:

  • GivenName
  • Surname
  • displayName
  • LegacyExchangeDN
  • msExchMailNickname
  • RDN
  • physicalDeliveryOfficeName
  • proxyAddress
  • sAMAccountName



How can we set the Account type for logging in?  I keep getting WebEx Instant messaging and need it to be Cisco IM and Presence.


Thank you



Install Jabber with following keys: 



This  will resolve your issue



Thank you that worked perfectly!