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Webex Cloud Connected UC - connect your CUCM to Webex cloud for amazing benefits!!


Dear all,

there is a lot of evolution on Hybrid services for On-Premises CUCM/BE6k solution. 

These kind of services allow customers to continue operate with on-premises Cisco Collab model and at same time get amazing features from the Webex cloud. On this post I would briefly focus on Webex Cloud Connected UC. Really think is worth for all CUCM admins to examine this. 



What is Webex Cloud Connected UC?

Is the ability to connect in a secure way your onpremises UC components (CUCM, CUCM IM&Presence, Expressway, CUBE, Unityconnection) to Webex Control hub. Now, this will come in phases. First wave is tto connect CUCM and CUCM IM and Presence to Webex cloud.


Why do this?

Leverage the power of Webex platform to get powerful Analytics from your CUCM. Operation functions will follow as offering evolves. 

Some examples from Analytics side:

  • view call audio quality statistics
  • view Volume Status (successful,failed,dropped) 
  • drill down (which device pool had call failures? what were the failure reasons ? etc.)
  • select desired duration of historical data (1 day to 12 months)
  • view statistics on audio and video calls
  • find out distribution of calls by time (10:00-11:00 for example)
  • find out calls made per device type (phones, jabber, etc)
  • Monitor MRA related data (very relevant to remote working needs of today)

In summary, you get unique visibility on what is going on on your CUCM/BE6K cluster in a very powerful way! 


Licensing requirements:

Webex Cloud connected UC standard offering is included at no cost for Flex 3 (NU and EA) CUCM customers.

This is an extra reason to move your CUCM commerical coverage under Flex3 subscription.



Data sheet



Webex Cloud Connected  UC Privacy Data Sheet

Cisco® Webex CCUC Overview (from

Analytics for your Cisco Webex® CCUC (from

System Requirements for Cisco Webex CCUC (from

Network Requirements for Cisco Webex CCUC (from

Set Up Cisco Webex CCUC for On-Premises Devices (from

Partner Resources for Webex Cloud Connected UC 

Webex Cloud Connected UC @salesconnect portal

there you can find some excellent quick tour videos (4-20min)



hope this helps

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DISCLAIMER: this post was created in order to provide useful info to Cisco partners and customers in my area (Greece/Cyprus and Malta).  For official and updated information, please consult cisco documentation, datasheets and ordering guides.