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i passed the ICND2 in Feb 5th 2018,  I landed a job right after passing the exam so was just too lazy to take the ICND1 exam. I just passed ICND1 Feb 22nd, 2020 due new certification code going in effect on 24th. I would like to know if i will receiv...

Hi all, I recently got my CCNA (yay!) and I've been looking into what my next steps are. I am currently working as a first line Service Desk analyst and eyeing a 2nd line Networks job.My first thought was to get familiar with Juniper ( just familiar ...

Saludos.Consulta: Me certifique como CCNA el 22 de Julio del 2016, tengo entendido que antes de 3 años se debería aprobar un examen igual o de Jerarquía superior para poder renovar ese certificación, pues yo el 12 de Julio del 2019 (antes de 3 años) ...

Hello support   i am not sure iam the one who facing the issue, but i checked same time on mobile i see the same time   i am based at +0:00 BST - around 8 am to 9 am between the community site losing the connection in the middle of my comments, and a...


Hey guys, I just got done writing a couple of documents on the community and it seriously took me 30 min to figure out how to edit and publish them. In fact, I had to do a google search to find a thread that was instructing me to hit the "options" bu...

nspasov by Cisco Employee
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I've been in computers, since the 8080/5, in Networking since Netware 2.1, I removed viruses from PCs before Norton could, been in Firewalls, rtrs, switches etc, too long...WHY is this site so WEIRD ?1 - it is SLOW as molasses, when no other site (fr...

mikey777 by Level 1
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