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ACE Replacement

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Level 1

With ACE being phased out, will there be a change in CVP support for third-party load balancers such as F5 and Citrix?  Or will CSS be the only supported platform?

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Level 1
Level 1

Andy, how timely.  I was searching around with the same question and found this.

I haven't read all the links in it but I'm suspecting that this may answer our question(s).  I also hear a rumor that it's on CCW for direct quote/purchase but I haven't gotten that far into the mess.

Any other input from anyone?


Level 4
Level 4

BU is evaluating F5 for laod balacing and planning to certify it for interoperability by September this year.

Will there be similar configuration guidance for the netscaler/F5 load balancer to interoperate with CVP as there is in the "CVP Configuration and Administration Guide" for ACE?

F5 /Netscaler are 3rd party vendors, the configuration used for these components during the interoperability test with CVP will be captured in the interop doc for guidance and will be published. Please note that there are different options available to configure these load balancer for expected behaviour, customers should refer documentation and seek support directly from the vendor, if required.