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Mukesh Singh

AD password rest through UCCX aef script

Hi All,


is there any ways to integrate or use of Active Directory in .aef script? my concern is, suppose someone's AD password is expired and need to reset AD password through dialing a number. it should ask for current password and then prompt for enter new password and set the new pwd in AD. how can we achieve through uccx aef script. Any help on this is most welcome.







Firstly you need a method for updating AD, as UCCX does not have this capability built in. This could be either:

1) A custom java class that you develop and load into UCCX. This Java class could be called by your AEF to reset the password.

2) A middleware web server that you could call from UCCX, which would in turn make the AD change.

Obviously you would have to take appropriate security precautions to prevent misuse.

Also you would need to consider how you would input the new password - passwords can be difficult to enter on a keyboard, impossible to enter on a numeric phone keypad. How reliable would speech input be when you are inputting special characters etc?

If someone has access to something that requires an AD username/password, that device would generally permit password changes, at least on expiry. I'd suggest you rely on those mechanisms, or your helpdesk...


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Hi Aaron,

Hope you could help. I need to query AD to get the email id as per the caller input

Actually, I need to know how and what custom Java class I need to use for;

1) Create a custom java class to read LDAP and return the info

Please note I am not a Java person. So anything you could possibly suggest that should help me here



M Taha






If you are not a 'java person' then you have either weeks (if you are a programmer) or months (if you are not) of learning to do to get to this point.

I would suggest you enlist the help of a developer for this task.


Aaron Please remember to rate helpful posts to identify useful responses, and mark 'Answered' if appropriate!

Hi Aaron,

I need to query via LDAP (AD in our case) and search and match for user attributes presented in schema and return email address.

Would that be much of a job? Any sample prototype would be helpful if you could possibly.


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