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Adding multiple skills in to a single CSQ

Hi All , 


One of our customers has a requirement to distribute calls between 34 CSQs based on the called number. So we configure 34 trigger numbers and 34 CSQs (for reporting requirement) and we also created 34 Skills for each CSQ. 

But customer wants some agents to have the capability to receive all CSQ calls. But the system has a limitation of adding only 25 Skills. So we created one skill and added to all CSQs. So the first problem solved. 


Again customer has another requirement of creating skills-based routing.


e.g - agent should have the capability of receiving all CSQ calls as well as the agent should have a higher skill of answering a few selected CSQ. Initially, I thought this can be done by adding dedicated Skills and common skill to all CSQs and assigning skills to agents. CSQ is not binding resources based on matching one skill. Resources should match both skills to bind to a CSQ. So my solution is not working as I expected. 


Anyone has a solution for this requirement. 


Apologies if my requirement is not clear. I can explain more if anyone has unclear in a specific area. 














VIP Mentor

I think it's clear what you're saying and what you're facing, and simply put, you are just exceeding the limits of the system (which is 25 CSQs per Agent - not skills; Skills if 50).


I'm not sure what can be done, but certainly having a conversation with the customer about their products limitations is  good start.


Keep in mind, that based on how you described the second half of your post, raising a skill for some agents, in some queues, does not give those agents a higher chance of answering those calls.  All calls are distributed to agents based on the FIFO algorithm, and this cannot be changed.  This means that a caller who called in first to a lower CSQ will go to one of those agents before a younger but already queued higher CSQ call.  This is a common misconception of how skills based routing works.  I could have inferred the wrong thing from your intentions, but I thought I'd point it out nonetheless for you, just in case.


Best wishes.