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Agent 1 Consult Transfer to Agent 2, "Transfer not being recorded"

We currently have the scenario with Cisco Jabber and Calabrio when Agent 1 receives the call from the CSQ it is being recorded as expected, but now Agent 1 does a consult transfer to Agent 2, once Agent 2 accepts the call and the transfer is completed the call records again as expected. The issue here is the "Consult transfer" part is not being recorded and is missing from the recordings.

Is this possibly a limitation on Calabrio / CCX recording with Jabber or could it be a configuration issue or setting missing?


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Graham Old
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Rising star

Normally the consult part should be recorded.

Things to look at.

What codec is being used for the consult part of the call, some codecs used by Jabber can’t be recorded.

You can get this if the call is recording is set to Gateway preferred and the BiB is not able to fork the audio.

We do see this with remote agents where the SIP gateway and the Calabrio recorder are in the data centre and there is insufficient bandwidth to allow the two audio streams from the agent’s phone back to the data centre. In these cases we disable the BiB.


I had this same issue with Jabber to Jabber calls using the OPUS codec.

My workaround was to make a new Device Pool that used an Audio Codec Preference List with OPUS moved to the bottom.

Client is using the Default Low Loss codec preference on the system so this can kind of make sense as I see OPUS and G722 is much higher up than G711 and G729.

Thank you for the information will definitely take a look in a new profile to move OPUS and G722 to the bottom of the list.

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Call recording is set to Phone preferred in this case, thank you for the comments

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