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paul jurkowski

Avaya PG disconnect from ICM pg and real time stats

Running into an issue where the PIM is crashing between our ICM PG and then reconnecting within a few seconds or several minutes. TAC and Avaya are both working on the issue to figure out why we are getting NULL values that appear to crash the PIM.

My question/concern is that when it does reconnect, we almost immediately see all the agents logged in, available, talking, etc. but the calls in queue seems to not only take time to poplulate but is usually quite off, mainly when the PIM had not crashed for some time. If it flaps a few times in a 1/2 hour or hour period, they seem to repopulate quickly and are fairly accurate. However, if it's been a few hours or day or two since it crashed, I'm seeing only about 30-50% of the calls that are in queue at that time. We use these stats to calculate a MED or distribute calls to other locations based on certain stats so seeing the CQN field is important. This can greatly affect our routing so I'm wondering if there is some sort of reason this is happening or where ICM picks up the stats after a disconnect.

Kedre Eakin

What version of AACC is this?  and what version of ICM?  Found in a recent install with AACC 6.3 with SP 8 and ICM 8 that we had to drop back to Avaya HDX SDK 5.0 and Avaya RTD SDK 3.5 to work correctly.  Once we did this, worked like a charm.  Current Avaya HDX SDK 6.0 and RTD SDK would not work.  Just a thought.

Actually there was a bug on the Avaya side. The PIM was crashing 20+ times during an hour period at times and I don't think ICM could catch up with anything before it crashed again and there was also an issue with Avaya not passing back enough information to ICM (which was also part of the reason for the crashes).

Can you post what version of software you ran into it with (or defect number)?

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