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CAD External application launch URL contain space

Hi Experts,

we are facing an issue with CAD screen popup.

we have configured CAD to launch external application based on the ANI. but the issue is while involking the URL including the ANI, the CAD is prefixing an extra space before sendint the URL to call external application.

is there any way or workaround to remove the space before the ANI??



here need to remove the space before my number 7701105437,

any idea

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Level 4

You can't do this in CAD. You'll need to check for whitespace in your ICM or UCCX script and remove it before sending it to CAD, or edit your CRM system to remove it there.


Hi ,

Thank you for your reply..

here what i got from Cisco TAC.

If my understanding is correct, you are looking for help on customizing CAD and that goes outside the scope of the TAC. Such kind of customization and development is not done from Cisco side but by CRM or any other development company.

However, on the best effort basis, I did some research on this and it seems that by design, launch action puts a space in between the action to launch and each argument added. This seems to be the standard mechanism for launching a program with arguments such as Notepad, IE or any other program with the argument(s).

The other proposal I found during the research, was to try using macro instead of launching an application with an argument, if that is feasible to you.

Further, checking the CAD guide,

there is a list of reserved characters that cannot be used for HTTP post/get function in the desktop administrator guide. As launch external application function is using HTTP post/get function in the background, same rules go here. And if I’m not wrong, you are using some of these characters (=, ?).


Shalid K.C