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Call Consult Transfer Step Timeout


Hi!  Let's say, a caller presses 1 for the call to go a particular DN in CUCM using the call consult transfer step.  If the call is not answered, then the call will go back to UCCX and hunt for an available Finesse agent using the CSQ feature.  This is working fine, except that the call will only stay and ring on the DN for one second and then go back UCCX.  We would like the call to ring for 35 seconds and when the call is not answered, it will go back to UCCX.  I tried to set the DN's timeout to 35 seconds, that didn't work, and even set it to 60 secs, that didn't make any changes either.  I tried to set the Call Consult Transfer step timeout to 35 seconds, and even 60 seconds, but that didn't make any difference as well.  The call will still stay and ring at the DN for one second and then go back to UCCX.  Any idea how can this be fixed?  Thanks in advanced for your reply!

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If you call that DN from another phone what happens?



If I call the DN directly from another phone, the timeout I set on the DN kicks in.

There has to be something going on with the CSS or partition from UCCX to UCM DN that's causing the issue. Can you pull MIVR logs? Or maybe setup your test phone DN with the same configuration as UCCX?



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