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Call presented from queue agent status move ready state to not ready

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Hello All

I am new at scripting and built my first detailed script on UCCX System version: (ES08-13)

NEW CSQ, NEW Script , NEW Skill, Agent assigned to Team which is assigned to CSQ's

I complete the attached script and when its called it seems to do what I have designed it to. Take the call Time of day present caller to queue, but it never makes it to the Agent who is ready. The call sit in queue and the agent moves to Reserve --> Not ready and is stuck there. Each attempt to make ready when caller is in queue switches it to not ready. I am stuck trying to figure out what is wrong here. Has anyone had this issue before ?


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Normally this has something to do with Partions and Calling Search Spaces.

Check your CUCM and make sure that the routepoint/cti ports can call the agent extensions.'

When an agent answers a call, the call is forwarded to the agent extension. If this is not possible due to restrictions on CUCM, the agent goes into Not-Ready

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Thanks, Thomas G. J.