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Call Type aban/answer report

I have a customer who is using a customised version of this report that I have created. They are happy with the extra columns, however as they are reporting on a number of call types, they want to actually just see a summary by half hour of all the Call Types added together.

eg instead of 5 call types (5 rows) showing data at 8:30am on 24th Feb, you will see just 1 (row) entry for showing the data from the 5 call tpes being added together.

However the customer must be able to actually filter by Call Types..

I have tried removing Call_Type.EnterpriseName from Order by & Group by, however the fields won't create, if I then take out Call_Type.EnterpriseName from the main body it will create the fields, whilst that takes out the Enterprise name, which is what I want, unfortunately when i go to edit the report it and group/show summary by Date, I still get the 5 rows per half hour as it were.

Any ideas?

Cisco Employee

Hi Sarah,

   Would request you to refer the Report Template Reference Guide For Cisco UnifiedIntelligence Center

Thanks and Regards,



Thanks fo rthe document, however it doesn't give me what I need, I have the report I have customised it to my needs column wise, now I want 1 line per half hour (as in a total of the up to 20 call types) rather than 20 lines by half hour...

Any idea of how to total all the call types together to give a summary in 8.5.




You'll need to create a Report Definition with a different SQL query to do the summarizing. I would take the "Call_Type.EnterpriseName" and any references to "CallTypeID" out of your Select query... you can probably just take all references to the "Call_Type" table out, and just report on the "Call_Type_Half_Hour" (Or Call_Type_Interval) joined with Bucket_Intervals, Media_Routing_Domain, etc.

You can create a "Filter Field" from the Fields tab to bring the CallTypeID filter selection back in. Data Type would be DECIMAL, Data Clause of "Call_Type_Half_Hour.CallTypeID", and a Value List of "Call Types".

If you need more help with this, post your SELECT statement here and I'll be glad to provide some more specific advice.

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