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can not deploy more then 7 to 8 Java scipts on CVP VXML server

Hi Team,

Have developed a IVR script for CVP VXML server and a java class is mapped for "OnCallStart" and for "OnCallEnd", I have more then 10 such scripts which need to be deployed on VXML servers but some how I am not able to deploy more then 7 script on single server, while deploying 8th script it givens me error "Out of Memory".

Kindly suggest the possibility

for communication you can reach me on +91 9867976154 my email id -

Thanks & Regards

Dharmendra Bhavsar

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Re: can not deploy more then 7 to 8 Java scipts on CVP VXML server

Hi Dharmendra,

The VXML Server ran out of memory, that can have two causes

  1. It genuinly needs more memory than it currently has because of the call volume;
  2. Your VXML Server is leaking memory.

Through JMX you can monitor the memory and CPU utilization inside the  VXML Server JVM real-time. You'll want to set a baseline, i.e. how much  memory does it consume just after start-up & how much during normal  call load. Check it daily, if the memory usage creeps up slowly you have  a leak. There's some really cool open source tools that can profile  your VXML Server real-time and tell you which threads are retaining all that memory (and which use the most CPU).

Reference - CVP VXML Services needing to be restarted | Contact Center | Cisco Support Community | 5926 | 11291941

Thanks and Regards,



Re: can not deploy more then 7 to 8 Java scipts on CVP VXML server

Also when your vxml server has memory leak it is possibly happening in some of your deplpyed applications and most liklely the associated java code.

Also there are some jvm settings on the VXML server side, you may need to adjust and check first.


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