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CCMP9.0 Installation Error

Hi All,

I have installed ICM9 dual sided which is in working condition, now i am trying to install CCMP (Management Portal 9.0) although the installation went good.

Now when looking at the connection status i can see that the ConAPI services for ICM sideA and sideB are not connected. I have rechecked the connection configuration but can't find anything wrong. after testing the connection it gives me a Java exception error

Not sure whether issue created due to network or Javaapplication error




Cisco Employee


Please check the ports you have configured on your AW side. In the installation documentation it recommends that you use 2099. Normally Agent reskilling uses 1099 on your AW setup. Please look at your CMS control where you set up your ccmp connection on your AW. You should have the entry for CCMP configured. Please try using 2099 for the port.

Hi Jessicas,

Thanks for your reply, I made the changes and retested the connection. I belive it worked but this time i got a new error.



I ran out of time to reply on Friday but I think part of the issue may be related to the local port setting.  Before you had all three ports set to 1099.  The change to 2099 fixed part of the problem but now your local port is showing 0 (zero).  Unless something has changed in version 9.0.x from prior versions that port should be set to 3333 for your A side and 3334 for the B side. 

Hope this helps.


I have pasted two screen shots from my lab CCMP 8.5.3 system and the CMS settings on the HDS showing the ports used.  You can use any port number you choose as long as they are the exact same in CCMP and the associated ICM instance's CMS control settings.  I ended up changing my ports due to a conflict for agent re-skilling that was set to 2099 on the A side HDS.  It would get changed from time to time while testing was going on so to cut down on connection issues, wasted troubleshooting/down time and my sanity it was just easier to use two new ports for these connections. 

The first screen shows the details for the A-side (left) and B-side (right) ConAPI settings which talks to the CMS on the ICM HDS.

The HDS B side (for dual sided ICM setups) will use port 1099 in the CMS setup screen.

If you have a dual sided CCMP configuration you will have two entries in the CMS Control Console window for each Database server connection. One with the name of your A side CCMP Database server and one for the B side Database server and both will show the same port number in the connection details window.  This is for redundancy in the event of

a failover scenario.

A-side HDS CMS details:

CCMPDBA     1098

CCMPDBB     1098

B-side HDS CMS details:

CCMPDBA     1099

CCMPDBB     1099

Hopefully this is more helpful then confusing.  When I setup my first CCMP 7.5.3 system a couple years ago I had to re-read the install doc a view times as it was not real clear for the setup of dual sided ICM AND CCMP environments. Since then I worked with Cisco and Exony on many suggestions to the Installation guide and I must say it is much better. 



Hi David,

I tried the way you suggested Changing the CMS ports on ICM A &B side. Also amended the same on CCMP. However getting the below error.

While testing different ports i did come across two other errors one of them was port already in use and the other was unable to establish Connection in 30 Seconds.



I came across this same error in my lab. I changed my port to be 5555. I am still investigating why 3333 was not available but my lab is up and running using 5555. After you change the port please restart the provisioning service.

Hope this helps

i had also came across similar issue , we had issue with config .

user account tht we create DB should be tagged correctly , & same shld be used during installation.

However we had reinstalled the setup completly..

Before you start with post install config you should get 6 connection up & running.

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