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Laszlo Zoltan

CCX 4.5 to 9.0 upgrade SKU question

Our customer wants to upgrade his Cisco IP phone system to version 9.1.

Now they are using CallManager version 5.1 and CCX version 4.5.

CallManger upgrade is clear to me but the CCX is not.

I have read in Cisco Unified Contact Center Express Upgrade Guide:

"If you are running any other earlier releases of Cisco Unified IP IVR, such as 4.0(5) or 4.5, consider upgrading your system to Unified CCX 7.0(2)ES03 and then use this document to upgrade to Unified CCX 9.0(x) using the Windows to Linux upgrade."

So upgrading CCX from version 4.5 to 9.0 is possible.

But when I configure "L-CCX-90-UPG-LIC" in CCW I could set "CCX 9.0 UPGRADE - 7.0 to 9.0" only.

I cannot find "CCX 4.0 UPGRADE - 4.0 to 9.0" or something.

Which SKU I have to buy in order to upgrade CCX version 4.5 to 9.0?

Thanks in advance,



The compatibility matrix shows that you can go from 4.5(x) to 7.0(2). You would then need to apply 7.0(2)ES3 or better before you can run the Windows to Linux backup and install the 9.0(2) release. In PUT you'll need to order both 7.x and 9.x.

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Might be a silly idea, but I believe it would be relatively easier to buy a new 9.0 CCX then build it from the beginning, then manually transfer the applications and all the settings.

This method gives you some time to test the new 9.0 CCX before shutting down the original 4.5 version.

If I were you, I would definitely go this way.


Gergely brings up a good point. The decision needs to be based on how badly you want to keep the historical reporting data. If this isn't important to you then I would agree: you can save yourself a lot of time by just building a new 9.x install and manually migrating the configuration over.

Note that the Windows to Linux migration tool from 7.0 to 9.0 only carries forward roughly the most recent ~1.5GB of the database records so you'll experience some data loss even during an upgrade.

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Hi Gabor,

You are right. It would be faster.

But the price of new CCX is higher than upgrade.



Dear Jonathan,

You are right.

But we do not have support with upgrade (UCSS or SASU).

So we have to purchase upgrade.

I found SKUs: L-CCX-90-UPG-LIC with L-CCX70-90U-E-E-S1.

But I did not find L-CCX40-70U-E-E-S1 or something.

Which SKU is needed for upgrade from version 4.5?



That's an interesting problem. I would ask your Cisco AM/SE if they can get you the 7.0 installer and a temporary license so you can just order the 9.0 upgrade SKU. They'll want you on a current release so this is in their own best interest.

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You might want to talk to Cisco TAC, those guys can generate a temporary license, but it consumes time (usually TAC really wants you to explain in detail why you want such an exceptional desire to have a license for an EoL product).

Talking to a local Cisco representative may help speeding up the process.


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