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CDA workflows intermittently work in 8.0.2 SU3

I have 48 workflows to launch 2 files based on rules surrounding the CalledNumber and Call Variables based on a ringing event.  also, these files are stored on a network drive.  1 of the WFs is for recording. My issue is that when we need to add or modify an existing WF it appears to break the others so they stop functioning.  Is there a limitation of maximum number of WFs one can configure?  Is there a better way to launch these files?  File A announces the call type and File B launches the Word document associated to Call Variable so the agents know how to answer and treat their calls.                

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We actually had this issue with WF's stopping working an agent machines with a single WF based on teh Ringing event.  After numerous back and forth sessions with TAC, we ended up upgrading to 8.5.1 SU2, and hadn't seen the issue recur since.  SU3 is already out as well, so you may want to evaluate that or speak with TAC to get a recommendation on version.  There was a listed bug with this behavior listed against Supervisor Desktop, but not Agent Desktop.  We had the issues with Agent Desktop nonetheless.


Paul, thanks for your experience with the workflows.  Unfortunately, upgrading to 8.5.x would be a major tasks because they would have to upgrade their Callmanager as well to support that version and they would not be ready to take this on.

The files launch to announce the calltype.  These are wave files stored on a network drive that all PCs have access to.  All usres have admin rights.  I worked on these WFs over the weekend, tested each number internally and successfully launched each file.  Monday comes around and 15 of the 48 stop working and launch incorrect files.  Initially, I had recommended a 'whisper' script in UCCX but the customer didn't like it.  Is there other options within Callmanager ( or Unity (I also suspect this is still windows based on the look of the interface). 


I can't think of another way to achieve that flow.