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Joey Gore

Cisco Finesse Live Monitoring while Already Recording to Calabrio

Hey gang, need some advice on using Finesse Live monitoring while we are already Recording calls. We are pretty much on the latest greatest versions of the products below.


CUCM - 12.5
UCCX - 12.5
Cisco AQM - 11.5


We utilize the BIB (Built-In-Bridge) feature with a SIP Trunk recording profile on our CUCM to record our calls to Cisco AQM (Calabrio) currently. We have also been asked to troubleshoot Live Monitoring issue with some of our supervisor's using Finesse. The configs look good, but we are not getting any audio to the supervisor's device. I am digging through the routing/networking to make sure we have a good path between the agent/supervisor devices, but it got me thinking about how all this works.
Since we are already using the BIB functionality to record calls, would Live Monitoring even work since the Audio stream is already being split and copied to our recording server?

I am asking our call center managers to see if they can utilize AQM's Live Monitoring feature, but I am still curious to see if both live monitoring and recording can work together simultaneously using Finesse.


Any thoughts? Thanks for your time!



VIP Collaborator

Thanks for that. I did review that document, but not sure it quite answers my question.

However, we did figure out that the Finesse Live Monitoring does indeed work while the calls are being recorded to QM, so there is that. But I am still curious if the RTP streams are forked twice, 1 to the QM server and 1 to the Supervisor doing the monitoring.

Based on this, it would seem to be 2 right, one to the supervisor phone and one to the recorder?

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