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Cisco Finesse Reason Code Reporting displayed as text?



CCX 11.0(1).  Cisco Finesse Desktop is showing Reason Code in the Live Agent Summary Report as the decimal code.  I have been searching for how to make the value the text description of the Reason Code.

I found this support case which documents the process but I cannot find in CUCIC what is referenced:

Does anyone have experience with this?   If this is possible, I am also hoping that the text of predefined Reason Codes would be handled the same.
Wondering if it is a limitation of Finesse with UCCX?  Appears from the admin guide that I would need to Add customized live data gadget to desktop layout.   I would think that I could create a new customized Agent Desktop Summary gadget to display the reason codes with text and replace the XML in the agent desktop layout in Finesse Admin.

Any input is appreciated.




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No issues, please let me know in case you need any help.



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Deepak Rawat
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Eddie, it is definitely possible to show Text instead of the Reason code inside Finesse Desktop. Below are the steps that you will first need to achieve this:

1) Create a copy of Agent Team Summary Report. For this simply login into CUIC and open the Reports Drawer >> Unified CCX Live Data >> Agent >> Right click on Agent Team Summary Report >> Save As with the required name

Note: Do not forget to check the Execute box under All Users

2) Go to Edit Views >> View Name >> Agent Team Summary Report (Grid Type) >> Edit

3) Right click on Reason Code field under Current field order in the grid and select Thresholds

4) Add a new threshold and set it like below:

Type :  Equal To

Must be Equal To : Reason Code Number such as 100, 200 etc that you are using there

Text Color : As per your requirement

Background Color : As per your requirement

Text Substitute : As per your requirement

Please note 1 threshold will work only for one Reason Code. Hence, add multiple thresholds for different number of reason codes

5) After adding the required thresholds, simply Save the report

6) Go to Edit Views >> View Name >> Agent Team Summary Report (Grid Type) >> Links and copy the HTML link

7) Note down the viewid from above HTML link and simply replace it in the below section of the XML layout you are using for Finesse Desktop. You only need to change the viewid highlighted in bold and that's it




Hello Deepak, thank you very much for your response.

Please confirm if this is doable for UCCX Finesse Desktop.  UCCX v11.0(1).

In Step 1, I am unable to right-click and save.  I am logged in as CUIC\administrator and have confirmed that the Agent Team Summary report has Exec checked.



Without any doubt. I hope that you are clicking on Reports Drawer as attached screenshot and doing it that way.



I see now.   Will follow your steps.  Thanks!

No issues, please let me know in case you need any help.



Fantastic.  thanks for the info. Works great.  I am hoping this will also work for predefined reason codes.

It will Eddie, you will just need to create thresholds for them as well and that's it.



I appreciate the detailed explanation.  I've followed your instructions step by step but the reason codes are still showing up.  Now do you think this is because the agents that I'm looking at have been using the CAD?

This will only work for Finesse agents and not CAD



I've looked at this solution before and it's worked well but the report lets us down by not including the 'Duration' that the agent has been in that state for - has anyone been able to the duration as a new column?



Rob, you can create a copy of voice CSQ Agent Detail Report as it does have a column for Duration as well along with the field for Reason Code if you want to do it for Supervisor. For agent, you can create a copy of Agent state Log report as it does have a duration field as well along with Reason Code.



Ah yes we've looked at this one. We're a multi-skilled contact centre of almost 50 agents, who are in up to 20 skills.

The Voice CSQ agent details report shows one record per skill per agent, resulting in nearly 1000 rows in this report - not really useful for taking a 'Quick Glance' at performance.

Are we able to reduce this to one row per agent, rather than skill?



Thank you for the detail steps, which helped me customize the existing stock reports.


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