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Cisco Ip Communicator randomly crashing then booting finesse off

Hello.  I've got a very interesting situation going on at my workplace.  I am an IT tech here for onsite support.  I started here in late may and have heard of finesses issues ever since i've been here.  Finesse seems to have more than one issue for each user who uses it but the main issue is people are randomly getting booted off the finesse server and are having to sign back into it.  There is one rare case where i have a user where his cisco ip softphone will crash on him and then his finesse gets booted out.  He reboots his machine to get things back working.  For the cisco app crashing i originally looked on here months back and found that there were windows 10 compatibility issues.  I believe he was on W10 version 1607 or 1703 before.  I had to update him to version 1803 for another application to work properly here.  Once that upgrade was done is when his app started crashing i believe.  However the finesse drop has been happening to him and other users no matter what OS they have, whether it be Windows 7 or 10.  Here i've done extensive research on the data side of the network here with help from the network team and we can't find what causes that problem.  Bandwidth wise, everything looks good even when the cisco crashes of finesse issues happens.  Here we have 2 internet circuits, one for general internet and one for applications, etc.  I am thinking it is the VOIP side of the network but the analysts need details which some users will be logging information for me so i can give them those details.  I don't believe physical cabling is the problem here.  A manager i've talked with says getting booted off of finesse is "uncommmon, but still happens".  So in my opinion which i've shared with the analysts for the network, i believe it's a VOIP issue or config issue.  I'm not sure if the cisco ip app and finesse are similar in any way in relation to what servers they use or what ports they use.    


Also, for the user having the cisco app crashing, i had updated him to version ES which apparently made windows 10 compatibility better but no luck for it.  Apparently on the threads here there's also an version but the few users reported no luck for that version too.


There is a proxy here.  For the 2 internet circuits we have here, one is comcast, the other is verizon.  comcast is coax and verizon is DSL.  If i understand things right, the applications among other things run on the DSL line which would include chrome and the cisco phones.  And like i've mentioned the DSL line has been stable for 4 days running.  Some hardware changes were done late last week.


And for a last note, the user with the app crashes, his machine is in very good condition in my opinion.  the OS looks to be in good shape, no viruses, performance is great on it.  He is connected through ethernet all the time.  I also did a fresh uninstall of Cisco IP with Revo Uninstaller and then installed so with a proper uninstall and reinstall the app is still crashing.



Thank you,




VIP Collaborator

You're somewhat talking apples and oranges here. IP Communicator is the agent phone and the agents need to have a phone to log into Finesse (be it via an IPC or a physical phone).

So if an agent is logged into Finesse and using IPC for the instrument, if IPC has an issue, then you can get logged out of Finesse.

You might need to clarify when you say IPC crashes vs. loses a connection. In other words, does the program literally quit out/end, or does the IPC lose connection but stay running?

As a first step troubleshooting, you might want to try having an agent use a physical hard phone, and see if they continue to have issues.

You might be having only IPC issues or IPC and Finesse issues, but you'd want ot rule out the phone first, IMHO. If it is overall network issue, that will obviously impact both.


One other thing to keep in mind too, unfortunately IPC is end of sale and midway through the end of life process, so you'll need to come up with another phone solution soon as well.

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