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Cisco UCCE/UCCH 7.2: need a NMS system

Dear all,

I have a ICM system with alot of component spreading on alot of servers. In each component, there are too many of processes. But I don't have any NMS system to monitor and alarm if any error.

I want a NMS to respone one by one event: there are some error but it not a issue (like no default lable,...) but there are some big issue when service stop or ICM admin workstation cannot connect to ICM router/logger, ...

I want to clarify them and set a good response for this: email, SMS to system monitor guys.

I know Cisco ICM support for SNMP.

Please recommend me a NMS system product that working fine for ICM (tested by Cisco) or a product you currently use it.

Please respone me if you know the one.


Amer rajai Sha'er
Rising star

Cisco Support Tools is nothing like a Network Management System like HP OpenView or Solar Winds Orion - I'm sure there are others, but those two are the ones I have experience with. Perhaps other members can post their own experiences.

They enable you to define the applications that must be running on each server so that regular SNMP probes to the process table can check that the services that should be running are running, and to take action (send email) if they are not. They can also catch SNMP traps and execute defined actions according to rules you set up when the traps are caught. This is standard NMS stuff.

Cisco don't care what you use - their job is to define the MIB that the SNMP agent on each ICM component uses and to code the agent. And they have been doing extensive work over the last 5 years to make those agents more comprehensive. Your job is to do something with the traps they send and to use the interface (SNMP GET) to check the status. Check the SNMP/Serviceabilty guides.



Hi Geoff,

Can you provide me some pictures of your current NMS system monitoring the ICM?

I want to see how it look like.

Thank you,


Hi Geoff,

I have just intalled the Solarwinds Orion APM. I want to monitor my IPCC system. But there is not application monitor template available for ICM. Can you share me a sample template?

What is the OID of Cisco SNMP agent?



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