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cisco VXML REST call to SMS gateway with Arabic content

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I am writing a JAVA class for my CVP VXML server. this JAVA class will have to send an SMS toward an SMS gateway. the Call toward this SMS gateway is a REST call.


if the message content is in English, the API call works fine and the SMS gateway respond with 200 OK. now if the message content is in Arabic, the SMS gateway is not responding at all.


to note that i tried to encode the message using UTF-8 encoding.


Any idea on the issue whenever i send the message body in Arabic or a mix of Arabic and English ?



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As a test, what if you rule out your custom Java, and instead use the native CVP REST element to do a test SMS. Does that work?

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What happens if you send an all english UTF-8 message? Does it work?



Hi ,


I tried sending the message in English with UTF-8 encoding at it fails as well.


The SMS gateway Team are claiming that they are receiving anything on their end.


Appreciate your feedback on this matter please.


Kind regards,

Before you continue to you need to have the SMS team is they are able to see your requests. Can they see English only messages? If so, maybe there's something in the way that's discarding your requests.



The SMS Gateway team are saying that they are not receiving anything from the VXML server when I set the encoding to UTF-8.


I was wondering if the VVB is not able to browse the VXML document when the characters are encoded. 


Anything needs to be set on the VVB ??





Time to break out RTMT and check out the MIVR logs from the VVB. Get the logs for an english SMS and the same encoded SMS message.



Hi David,


I will get the logs and try to analyze them, and will share them with you as well.



This may sound strange, but in addition to doing the test @david.macias noted below, I would also try and see if you're able to send another non-English SMS like Chinese as an example. We had a client that had issues of this nature with foreign character sets and it was around the UTF-8 encoding on their side.

This way, if you see a similar issue with multiple non-English languages, you might be able to narrow it down.

You may also find this of note if you have the logs.

i will try Todo the above 2 tests and will get back to you by tomorrow

Hi Bill,

None of the languages are being sent when we encode the URL of the REST API or even the body of the Message.


And what logs are you referring in your previous reply? Anything I can look at on the CVP VXML server or even on the VVB other than the MIVR logs?

Thank you for your kind support

So are you able to do SMS for these other languages not via VVB via some type of REST client?

In other words, does it only not work with VVB and does everywhere else? Or do all foreign language SMS fail?


Hi Bill,

First I want to note that I am trying to call the SMS gateway using the action element(java class)

Whenever I try to send a rest call toward the SMS gateway with the message body other than the English language, Call studio will save the class in UTF-8 encoding mode. So after I save the class, and build the java project then pass the compiled class to the call flow, the VXML server is not sending any request toward the API. although when I go to the application Logs, I see the proper URL, but no response from the SMS gateway. Now if I change the body to english and save the java class with Cp1252 encoding, the class works fine and the SMS gateway will respond properly. So in brief, my SMS gateway is not responding the the action element when the class is saved in UTF-8 encoding mode.


To note that the same call form postman is working fine.


Thank you for your feedback