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CPU utilization 100% for CVP machine

Malik Ehtasham
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Level 1

We currently encounter a problem, Where we have CVP, VXML and Call server on the same machine. Our System is in the production. What happened some time CPU utilization went on 100% and all calls landing on these vxml got silence or busy tone. So the current solution what we have did is , we have restarted the VXML services and CPU got back. But as i told we are in production so we can't even bear the down time of 1 second. So how can we troubleshoot and solve the problem.

Its really critical

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Level 1

Hi Malik,

The issue is more likely because of VXML Service.

Can you check the status of VXML Service when issue occurs. You said you restarting but just wanted to double check if the service itself is getting stopped.

I had similar issue and VXML Server error logs were showing that Java Heap Memory was exhausted.

And to fix it i just increased java heap memeory. Please refer below URL

Voice XML Server Out of Memory Error Message - Cisco

Thanks Vinod for your reply.
Actually i have found the problem. The Problem was with Axis jar's which i have used in my VXML application to make Web Service Client. These jar's somehow use alot of CPU utilization and didn't release the resources. Once i have removed these jar's and have created a client with JAX RS the problem has been solved.
By the way thanks for your reply and suggestion.