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CUCCX APIs overview question

Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee


I'm new to CUCCX APIs and I would like to organize my findings about APIs. Is further information about CUCCX APIs correct?

REST API - also known as a UCCX Configuration API


- described in document "CUCCX Developer Guide"

- can be used to configure agents (resources), campaings, applications, triggers, CSQs, skills etc. using HTTP methods

additional questions:

- I have found some information about making calls using REST API. Do I understand it correctly, that I can make outbound call using this API and I don't have to make outbound call using IVR application with PlaceCall step, which is triggered by HTTP trigger?

- I need to dynamically change agents skills during a day. Can I make it using Resource API and "skillMap" structure contained in its messages?



- described in document "UCCX CTI Protocol Guide"

- can be used to get live data from CCX

- similar to CUCM JTAPI, but used with CCX features

- can be used to make my own agents application which can be built-in in to the customers CRM/IRP system

- using this API, I can login as a agent, change agents state, accept incoming call, make hold, transfer etc.

additional questins:

- is it possible to use this API (or another API) to select some queued call from CSQ and deliver it to some particular agent? Or do I have to do it with using custom database. IVR script should put a record of each call into the table, with empty agent assignment field. Agents should have the gadget to access the table, and when they select the record, it should write agentID into the appropriate table field. During queueing sequence, periodically, IVR script should check if current call have agent assignment, and if so, to exit with sending the call to the agent?

Are there any CUCCX APIs which can be used? What about Finesse API? There is a link in Developer guide, to but this site does not exist

Thank you, Frantisek

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