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CUIC Live Data is not Available

M Rinaldy Aulia
Level 1
Level 1

Hi All,

Please help I have CUIC that on The Dashboard "Live Data is not Available" (Attached the capture).

CCX Version : 11

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Cherry Somchan
Level 1
Level 1

Show me

utils diagnose test

utils dbreplication runtimestate (pub only)

utils uccx dbreplication status (pub only)

utils ntp status

This could be an indicator of a defect, CSCvb67761.  Please provide the output of the CLI command, "show open ports regexp 9443" to confirm. 

If you are hitting this defect, a restart of the UCCX engine will temporarily fix the issue.  This defect is resolved in version 11.0SU1.

Hi Cherry,

Thank you, Attached

You are not encountering the defect.  I believe your issue stems from the NTP being off.  I believe the NTP issue has caused the data streaming source to be offline.

 The UCCX will need to point to a Linux based NTP server with a stratum no higher than 4.  In changing this you will need to rehost your license.  Using the new configurations (NTP) you can determine your license MAC prior to making changes.  This will allow you to open a case with TAC licensing to have your new license issued prior to changing the NTP server.

The issue could continue to occur until the NTP is corrected.  A restart of the CCX Engine could also help

Refer below, you should plan upgrading to 11.0(1) SU1 or 11.5(1) ES01