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CUIC Live Data Streaming Data Source Down

UCCX Version:

No major changes/updates done on UCCX since we upgraded to 12.0.x - I received a report that the Live Data wasn't working so I had the agents try multiple browsers and none of them were able to display it. (Firefox, Chrome, IE, and even Edge) Usually it's cache or the browser updated, etc..


I bounced both Pub/Sub UCCX Servers overnight when I noticed the Data Source is reporting down (pic below); hoping that would restart it, but that didn't work. It's still reporting down. First time I've seen it down like this.


CLI is showing no open ports on 9443... wasn't sure if there's a specific service that I can restart to try and restart the data source. TAC case has been opened; but wanted to poke around the Community to see if anyone else has run into this before.


Edit: It looks like the service is UP on the Sub, and if agents switch to using the Sub they can access the Live Dashboard. So, it looks like we're having a problem with the Pub only.


2019-05-15 11_14_07-Cisco Unified Intelligence Center.png


Re: CUIC Live Data Streaming Data Source Down

Have you checked certificates ?  Were you able to fix it ?


Re: CUIC Live Data Streaming Data Source Down

We had some further issues with our Publisher, eventually. To a point where it would fully boot up but random services just would never start.

I ended up bring up a new publisher server and then doing a restore from a previous backup of the Publisher. After doing that... things have been working well for about 2 weeks so far.

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