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Current Wait Duration

Hi All;

I have a script that looks at the "Current Wait Duration from the Overall IPCC Express" statistic.  For some reason, when it does that step, it always returns a -1 to the integer that holds it.  I have tried it with the same setting for the CSQ, and it reports the proper time in seconds, but this one doesn't work.  Unfortunately, the script can move the contact to a few CSQs before it is done, so I really need the Overall, not the CSQ statistic.

Has anyone used this stat before and can think why it would be returning the -1 (which must be an error) to it?



Re: Current Wait Duration


The Reporting Step will return -1 when the CSQ specified does not exist.

Check the name and spelling.


Tanner Ezell

Tanner Ezell

Re: Current Wait Duration

In this case, I am looking at the Current Wait Duration in the Overall IPCC system, so there isn't a CSQ associated with it.

This SHOULD (unless I am completely misunderstanding) how long the contact has been on the system including all menus, CSQs, etc.


Re: Current Wait Duration

Hmm, that is interesting.

Curious, what happens if you poll the statistic after the resource has been queued?

Tanner Ezell
Frequent Contributor

Re: Current Wait Duration

I believe your on the hunt for the lockness monster!

In most contact centers, it would never be a metric that would be needed, and honestly could never be a useable or accurate method of judging wait duration.  For this reason, i would take a pretty good bet that your not going to find a way to recover this metric naturally.

The best answer would be to get the Wait duration of every queue that the call could possibly queue to, and if you want to be daring, go with the low number or and average of the queues, and if you want to be safe go with the high number.

Your really looking for an inverted estimate wait time calculation, and there is formula's for that all over this forum.




Re: Current Wait Duration

I may be way off base here but i think i remember doing a lab in this from the UCCX course. Like i say im not 100% but i think the lab was setup that if the value returned was -1 the prompt was "expected wait time is less than a minute". For a value of 1 was "wait is 60 sec".

It sounds too simple so maybe i am mistaken.


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