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Custom Logging through Log4j in CVP VXML

Malik Ehtasham
Level 1
Level 1

Hi All, I am CVP VXML developer and i have a question about Custom logging in VXML.

I have simple VXML application, in which i have used one JAC(Java Action Component) ,inside JAC, i have incooperated  a custom jar.
I have placed that custom jar file inside the tomcat lib. Functionally every thing is working fine, i can access the custom jar file function and they are working fine.

But i have an issue with logging. I have done custom logging inside custom jar file. When i separately run this jar on cmd, it perfactly  generate logs (log4j logging ) , but when i use this inside the tomcat lib, it didn't produce any logging. How can i achieve this logging inside the VXML tomcat .

Any sort of help is appreciated.

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Olivier Viennot
Level 1
Level 1


I have the same problem : did you find a solution ?


Could you provide some more details as to what you have found to indicate an error.

For example, the path to the log files needs to have the back slashes escaped, or use forward slashes.

Thank you

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