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CVP 10.5 / 11 and Nuance 10

Ron Nelson
Level 5
Level 5

In our current set of grammars on CVP 10.5, we are using an application parameter grammar at the first set of voice prompts in each application. The grammar looks like the following:

<?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8'?>

<SWIparameter version="1.0" id="aciCSPParams" precedence="7" >

  <parameter name="swirec_application_name">




The purpose of this was to put our nuance logs and audio files into application specific folders so that we'd always know where the audio files were. This is beneficial when trying to track down exactly what the customer spoke.

Nuance 10 documentation indicates this type of thing should be set in a session.xml file but doesn't help me identify where I should specify a session.xml file or even how it gets sent across the wire with the vxml application.

I realize this is the CVP forum, just hoping that plenty of people reading this have this experience and can help.

Thank you!

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Level 4
Level 4

Hi Ron,

I have the same problem. We are upgrading from NR9 to NR10. In NR9 we have set the application_name parameter in the grammar but NR10 this doesnt work. Could you find a solution?



Amit Agni
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hi Ron,

As per the CVP Documentation session.xml is not a supported feature in Call Studio.


Amit Agnihotri

Hi Amagniho,

Can you share the exact name of CVP documentation please?

Hi Deniz,

Session.xml is not claimed as supported feature in any of the CVP documentation.

Session XML values are not passed across and is a limitation.


Amit Agnihotri