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CVP email encryption using secure communications for CVP Call studio

Oleh Doroshenko

Hi all.

We are using an email element in CVP Call Studio. I successfully configured lab JNDI connection to Exchange server. But now i have a requirement to use 3rd party mail-server with SSL\TLS encryption. Does anybody know how to achieve and configure this?

We are using cvp 10.

My best guess is to configure CVP security as described here:

Configuration Guide for Cisco Unified Customer Voice Portal, Release 10.0(1) - Unified CVP Security [Cisco Unified Custo…

And then exchange certificates between 3rd party email system and CVP.

Any help appreciated. Thank you.

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Geevarghese Cheria
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hi Oleg,

Hope you are trying to set up the email element in VXML server. For that i think instead of CVP security please refer

Element Specifications for Cisco Unified CVP VXML Server and Cisco Unified Call Studio Release 10.0(1)

For the Email Element to start functioning, you need to configure the following settings:

Step 1  Download the JavaMail package from:​products/​javamail/​downloads/​index.html.

Step 2  Download http:/​/​​products/​javabeans/​glasgow/​jaf.html (JavaBeans Activation Framework).

Step 3  Copy JavaMail .jar files and activation.jar to Tomcat\lib folder under VXMLServer folder.

Step 4  Add a Mail Session under Tomcat manually by adding this to the \Tomcat\conf\context.xml file within the <Context></Context> tags: <Resource name="mail/ChrisMail" type="javax.mail.Session"""/> Here, the name should be "mail/ANY_NAME_YOU_CHOOSE", type should be "javax.mail.Session", and should be a working SMTP server.

Note     In Studio, edit the configuration of the Email element in question. Set the JNDI name to the "ANY_NAME_YOU_CHOOSE" portion of what you entered in the Tomcat settings.

Eventhough its for CVP 7 to change the Mail server to 3rd  party please Refer - Email Element - Problem in which its mentioned  how to change the server to Exchange 07 box .

Thanks and Regards,



Thank you for reply

We have already configured following

1) Added to C:\Cisco\CVP\VXMLServer\Tomcat\conf\web.xml before closing </web-app> tag:






2) Added to C:\Cisco\CVP\VXMLServer\Tomcat\conf\context.xml before closing </Context> tag:

<ResourceLink global="mail/CVPmail" name="mail/CVPmail" type="javax.mail.Session""smtp-host.address"/>

3) Added to C:\Cisco\CVP\VXMLServer\Tomcat\conf\server.xml under <GlobalNamingResources> tag:

<Resource name="mail/CVPmail"







mail.smtp.starttls.enable = "true"

password="pass" />

4) Under call studio email element as JNDI name used CVPmail. Email has been successfully sent(All above is lab setup)

We need to add additional SSL/TLS security between VXML server and SMTP server.  Anyone know how to add encryption capability to this CVP email setup?   TY for help.

Thank You, I tried to configure SMTP on CVP 11.6 but official guides are bad and just Your post gave me real solution. In official guides (programming CVP) was mentioned just to update context.xml but I can't get it work this way.


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