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Defining the path of the prompts folder in the beginning of an IVR script


Is there a way to define the path of the prompts folder in the beginning of an IVR script? For example, instead of defining every prompt in the script as p[name of the directory\name of the prompt], I would like to set the path at the beginning of the script as ?set prompts = name of the directory?.

Thanks for your help.

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Interactive Voice Response (IVR) consists of simple voice prompting and digit collection to gather caller information for authenticating the user and identifying the destination. IVR applications can be assigned to specific ports or invoked based on DNIS. An IP PSTN gateway can have several different IVR applications to accommodate many different gateway services, and you can customize the IVR applications to present different interfaces to the different callers.

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Are you using IPCC Express version 4.0? I did find tthat this worked:

Set sPromptPrefix="AppDir/"

Then, P[sPromptPrefix + "motd.wav"] appears to be a valid expression.

I'm sure this didn't work with IPCCX version 3.5 (as it would try to concatenate two prompts), and I know I spent a while trying to make it work!

Anyway, it seems to work with IPCCX 4.0.

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The way I achieve this in 3.5(3) for a prompt directory called NewPrompts and a prompt file called Prompt1.wav, located under the ...prompts\user\en_us folder is as follows:

Define a string variable called stringPromptDir and set it to U"NewPrompts\\" (the U specifies that you are using a special unicode character in the string, which you precede with a '\').

I then declare stringPromptName, setting it to "Prompt1.wav", and add the step

set stringPromptName = stringPromptDir + stringPromptName. The new value of stringPromptName is now "NewPrompts\Prompt1.wav".

In the Play Prompt step, on the Prompt tab, I enter stringPromptName. Works like a charm for the Holiday handler I wrote this past weekend.

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