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Dialer VRU/IVR Campaign to Circumvent Agent Reservation

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A portion of our agents currently work a blended environment where the percent of agents working inbound or outbound is dynamically changed based on inbound call volume. However, agents sometimes spend a significant period of time in reserved state before they can take inbound calls again. Is it possible to run a dialer VRU campaign where connected calls enter the VRU and are then sent as high priority calls to a queue node? This could potentially treat each outbound call like an inbound call and minimize time agents spend in reserved state. Are there any technical limitations or considerations that would discourage us from implementing this? Is there a predictive dialing method for VRU campaigns such that we would reduce the number of dials in periods of high inbound volume? 

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Yes, you can do this, but you need to think how you're going to control the volume of calls that are made outbound to ensure that you don't swamp the agents. You'll want to think about how you'll adjust the throttle on the campaign (or even turn it on or off) ni your dialer admin script depending on the conditions in the call center.

For instance, if you have 5 inbound calls in queue, not a good time to do outbound calls if they may wind up back in the call center.