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Different RingLabel for a specific ICM customer who uses shared CVP


In the CVP Ops console i see "91919191" used for Ringtone. However "91919191" also has "send to originator" enabled. 

We are planning to replace one of the inbound gateways with ISR-G3. Since ISR-G3 does not support VXML, I cannot use "ringtone.tcl" service on the gateway.

I would like send to use a different Ringtone label just for this customer. Is this feasible. 


Can i do this

1. In the ICM AW > Network VRU Explorer > Select the customer specific VRU > Create a new Label of type "Ring" and configure Label = 94949494.

2. In CVP Ops console, configure dial-pattern "94949494" pointing to the specific customer vxml gateways without "send to originator" enabled.


Would this fix my issue?


Please advise.

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Re: Different RingLabel for a specific ICM customer who uses shared CVP

Yes, this will work. You have to make sure you add your new Ringtone label everywhere that it needs to be added for your dial plan. All customer environments are unique, so you may or may not need to apply them in the places listed below

  • CVP Ops Console as a DN Pattern
  • CVP Ops Console as the DN on the Gateway to play the ringtone (CVP Call Server > SIP tab)
  • Call Manager (Call Routing > Route/Hunt > Route Pattern)
  • CUBE as a dial peer
  • VVB should automatically populate your ringtone, error and comprehensive labels as SIP triggers